Director’s Awards

Service Development Leadership

Eligibility for Application:
Extraordinary academic performance
Remarkable leadership or contribution in their service, field or discipline
For current students and alumni who graduated within 2 years

Awardee List:
CHUA Ka Kit (2016)

Research Excellence

Eligibility for Application:
First author of a publication in an international peer-reviewed journal based on his/ her dissertation
For current students and alumni

Awardee List:
CHUA Ka Kit (2017)

Excellent Dissertation Award
In appreciation of excellent result in MCNS6381 Project

Awardees List (2017):
Awardees Topic of Dissertation
CHOW Kai Yuen Association between Balance Performance and Executive Function in Aged-Home Elderly: A Cross-sectional Study
CHUI Yeuk Chau A literature review: use of acupuncture in management of post-traumatic headache
CHUNG Hoi Fung Literature Review: Home rehabilitation program for people with stroke
HO Yan Ting Literature Review on Performance-based Executive Function Assessments in Stroke Population
LEUNG Tung Lam Systematic Review on Effectiveness of Attention Training for Children with ADHD
LEUNG Wai Hing Literature review: oral hygiene interventions among patients after stroke
MAK Lai Ho The effects of listening to Mozart K.448 music compared to Relaxing music on individuals with spasticity
POON Wing Ki Development of Hong Kong version of Chedoke Arm and Hand Activity Inventory-9 (CAHAI-9-HK)
TAM Kit Sum A literature review of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) for patients with post-stroke aphasia
International Conference Scholarship

Eligibility for Application:
Acceptance of an abstract submitted as the first author by an international conference outside of Greater China Region based on their dissertation
For current students and alumni who graduated within 2 years

Awardee List:
TAM Hiu Yan (2017)
YAM Yuen Wai Alicia (2017)
AU Chung Kwan (2016)

Service Award

In appreciation of support from Class Representatives

Awardee List (2017):
WONG Shui Sum Laurence
YAU Wai Yan

Application Timeline
Service Award & Excellent Dissertation Award
Automatic entry
Director’s Awards — Service Development Leadership & Research Excellence
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International Conference Scholarship
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