Course List and Description (2022-2024)

Course Unit
Courses offered in 2022-2023
MCNS5301 Basic Anatomy and Clinical Approach in Neurology 2.0
MCNS5101 Imaging and Clinical Electrophysiological Techniques 1.5
MCNS5302 Cerebrovascular Diseases 1.5
MCNS5303 Neurological Diseases 2.5
MCNS5401 Health Services Management (Elective) 1.0
MCNS5103 Interactive Workshops - Practical Management of Common Neurological Diseases 1.5
MCNS5201 Neurosurgery 1.0


Sub-total (including MCNS5401)


Courses offered in 2023-2024
MCNS6305 Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Research Methodology 1.0
MCNS6306 Practical Statistical Procedures and Scientific Report Writing 1.0
MCNS5205 Rehabilitation Sciences 1.5
MCNS5304 Neuro-Rehabilitation 1.0
MCNS5202 Specialty Stroke Nursing (TBC) 1.0
MCNS5104 Caregiving Skills and Stress Management 1.0
MCNS6361 Practicum 0.5
MCNS6381 Project 7.0







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Remarks: The above course list is subject to change. Students will be informed of any changes in due course.