Course List and Description (2019-2021)

Course Unit
Courses offered in 2019-2020
MCNS5301 Basic Anatomy and Clinical Approach in Neurology 2.0
MCNS5101 Imaging and Clinical Electrophysiological Techniques 1.5
MCNS5302 Cerebrovascular Diseases 1.5
MCNS5303 Neurological Diseases 2.5
MCNS5103 Interactive Workshops - Practical Management of Common Neurological Diseases 1.5
MCNS5102 Chinese Medicine and Alternative Therapies 1.0




Courses offered in 2020-2021
MCNS6305 Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Research Methodology 1.0
MCNS6306 Practical Statistical Procedures and Scientific Report Writing 1.0
MCNS5205 Rehabilitation Sciences 1.5
MCNS5304 Neuro-Rehabilitation 1.0
MCNS5401 Health Services Management (Elective) 1
MCNS5202 Specialty Stroke Nursing 1.0
MCNS5201 Neurosurgery 1.0
MCNS6361 Practicum 0.5
MCNS6381 Project 7.0


Sub-total (including MCNS5401)





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Remarks: The above course list is subject to change. Students will be informed of any changes in due course.